Safe Material: Made of medical grade silicone material, non-toxic and odorless.

Fine Lines & Wrinkles Remover: This Coolife cupping therapy set is natural anti-aging treatment. Cupping Suction massage is able to break down cellulite and smooth out fine lines.

How it works: Simply 3 massage steps to follow everyday, and it will help improve blood circulation which eliminate toxins and waste from your facial muscles.

Easy to use: Detailed instruction card included. With this Coolife massage cups, you can stay at home and enjoy the professional body therapy everyday.

Strong suction: Strong suctions, easy to suck without falling. You can control the amount of suction you want for various areas.

Coolife Silicone Cupping Therapy Set

Unlike glass or others, this Coolife cupping therapy set is unbreakable and requires neither fire or a pump gun to use. Suitable for self massage or with a partner. Transparent design enables you to see the treated areas during treating, so you will be completely in control of the amount of suctions being applied. If you are looking for a simple but effective way to improve your appearance and your inner well being, Coolife cupping thearpy set will meet all your needs!

How to use:

Step 1: Put some anti cellulite lotion or massage oil or cream on the target skin area.

Step 2: Put the cups on the skin and gently squeeze the cup in the middle, then put the cup lips to you skin and release to create a vacuum.

Step 3: Begin by applying a light suction and increase the amount of suctions gradually to stimulate circulation. Gently move the cups over the skin using straight line and circular movements, massaging for 8-10 minutes per target area.

Step 4: Repeat all the steps above everyday for the best results.

Benefits of Cupping therapy:

* Weight loss

* Accelerate blood circulation

* Eliminate toxins from the body

* Activates the lymphatic system (waste-disposal)

* The best deep tissue massage myofascial release tool

* Improve your inner well being and your skin appearance

Package include:

2pcs Coolife massage cups for Eyes

2pcs Coolife massage cups for Face

Detailed instruction card

Storage bag

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Coolife Anti-aging Massage Cups Facial Cupping Therapy Set, Silicone Cupping Massage Kit for Face Eyes Fascia and Cellulite Blaster to Reduce Fine Lines & Deep Wrinkles With Facial Cleasing Brush

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